Hello World: About my programming journey

Hello World: About my programming journey

Hi, my name is Adam Elitzur and welcome to my blog! My goal with this blog is to document my learning and in turn, help others with what I learn and what challenges I run into. I believe that learning from others is a great way to avoid mistakes and succeed.

About Me

I'm going into 11th grade, and I love everything to do with computers! My first interaction with programming (and my Hello World program) was at a summer camp in 2018. I started with Python, but didn't get really advanced until two years later, in March of 2020. I had a lot of free time, so I got Colt Steele's Modern Python 3 Bootcamp. It was an amazing course, and after completing it I felt like I knew how to program. Little did I know, I haven't had my first encounter with data structures and algorithms yet. Anyways, after that, I learned some automation with BeautifulSoup and made my first real project, a social media scraper that saved my Dad many hours of repetitive work. The scraper took a spreadsheet of names, searched for each person, and pasted their bios into the spreadsheet.

I then took Harvard's Introduction to Computer Science(CS50), which taught me more about data structures and algorithms. Boy was that a challenging course, but David Malan, professor of computer science for CS50, is an amazing teacher. He really got me thinking like a programmer. David Malan teaching CS50 David Malan teaching CS50

In January of 2021, I got into web development and started Colt Steele's Web Developer Bootcamp. It's a great course, but I made the mistake of rushing through it (like watching four and a half hours of lectures in one day). But because I rushed it, I didn't remember much of the course.

I did some research on how to solidify my knowledge and decided to start making projects to review the content that I rushed through. I started working on these projects, mainly Frontend Mentor challenges. I slowly started improving CSS, and now, I feel much more comfortable with CSS. I just finished my first collaboration on a project, which taught me a lot about using Git for collaboration. My next step is to review DOM manipulation, which I'm using Scrimba's Learn JavaScript for free course for.